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Ad-Aware Web companion est un programme parasite de Lavasoft qui cherche à prendre en otage votre navigateur internet. C’est donc un Browser Hijacker qui cherche à prendre le contrôle de la page d’accueil et de démarrage de Mozilla Firefox ou Google Chrome.

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Web Companion by Adaware - Prevent malware infections and ... Adaware Web Companion anti-malware software solution. Protection against malware, malicious websites, and privacy breaches. Secure your PC from malware. Download Web Companion for free Protection against malware, malicious websites, and privacy breaches. What is web companion software, and why do I have it ... I have no idea what Web Companion is, never heard of it. They claim to protecting your computer. I feel it's just more junk you don't need. It said it will changer your browser and search engine too which is not good to me. Uninstall adaware products | adaware

Fathers’ Roles in the Care and Development of Their Children… As physicians who care for children from many backgrounds, pediatricians need to be aware of the issues relevant to these particular groups. Internet Paranoia "Ad-Aware by Lavasoft." Corporate web site. Lavasoft, 30 Nov. 2009. Web. 30 Nov. 2009. Lavasoft Admits Their Ad-Aware Web Companion Filter Is Using The...

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Ad-Aware est un logiciel de la société Lavasoft qui détecte et supprime les virus, les logiciels considérés comme des publiciels (sa vocation première) et des logiciels espion (spyware, malware). Il détecte également les composeurs, les chevaux de ...

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Updated: Software removes anti-spyware app -

The Web Companion is part of an offer screen that pops up during the installation, normally you can decide whether you want to install it or not.You can uninstall the Web Companion with your Windows control panel. If you Browser still does not function normally, a reset should help.

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